Assistance Required – Prom Maintenance

Continuing in to the 2022, Maldon Cricket Club remain responsible for maintaining the square at our second home, the Prom.

In order for arrangements to remain a success, we require the support and help of our club members, of all ages and abilities, to help prepare the square on a weekly basis.

Full training and guidance will be provided for all those who are interested in assisting. So if you are a little nervous about potentially causing damage to the square or similar, please do not worry as other members will be on hand to show you the ‘ropes’.

A timetable for the required preparation has been produced and is as follows:

  • Monday: Two hours to repair the wicket from the previous weekend, such as the bowlers footmarks and cut the new wicket for the forthcoming weekend.
  • Tuesday: Approximately two hours to assist with watering the square, however this will be subject to the recent and forecasted weather.
  • Wednesday: Approximately two hours rolling the cut wicket ahead of the weekend matches.
  • Friday Afternoon / Saturday Morning: Cut the wicket for the second time ahead of the planned fixtures and roll the wicket for approximately one hour.

It is intended for a rota system to be implementing, to prevent the same people being responsible each week.

Those interested in assisting the club with this important activity should contact the club via email at or visit

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