Maldon Cricket club currently run four teams on a Saturday. Each of these sides not only compete in different leagues, but also have different objectives at their heart.

The 1st team compete in Division 1 of the Two Counties Championship. The primary objective of this team is to compete at the highest level possible, with the aim of allowing members to play competitive cricket on a weekly basis. 

The 2nd XI aims to be the final stepping stone for talented younger players who have the desire to play 1st team cricket. The team is also made up of players with first team experience, who can offer guidance and support to younger players, while also being able to step into the 1st XI if and when required.

The 3rd XI aims to be competitive, while also offering a more sociable and relaxed playing environment. The side again is a vital in allowing young players the chance to develop, while also ensuring that all players come away from matches having had the opportunity to participate with bat or ball.

The 4th XI is the first step into men’s cricket for our colts. Here they are aided in their first steps into adult cricket by many knowledgeable senior members, who often have many years experience in the club. This is also the place where players who are new to the game, or returning after a break, to enjoy themselves in a team where enjoyment is the primary focus; the result is secondary.  

The club intends for their to be a place for all types of players to enjoy their cricket. 

If you would like more details then please do not hesitate to contact us.