Fantasy League – Two Weeks To Go

It’s strange to be writing this, but there’s just 2 weekends of cricket left in this season……….weather permitting!

Apologies again for the lack of weekly updates, sadly work has reared its ugly head many times already and continues to do so.  Still never mind!  On we go!

So, kicking off this round up is the all important League table. For a period, it looked as though Mr Joe Figg had it in the bag, but he was gradually hauled in by Luke Reeve, who now leads with a massive 15,822pts, but only marginally ahead of Joe on 15,492pts. In all fairness it seems a two horse race for the title, as there’s a gap of almost 2,000pts to 3rd place. Who blinks first?

The third and final money spit is currently held by Gavin Hayes on 13,681pts, just ahead of Elmo on 13,637pts and Jody on 13,400pts. A really good couple of weeks could see any of Richard Buckby, David Jones, Luke Sanders, Mr Tickle and Statto inch their way into 3rd place, so genuinely still all to play for!

Transfers – remember to make full use of these to max out your point scoring opportunities. And don’t forget as well to play your Triple Captain Points option if you haven’t already done so, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain 👍

The top points scorers have remained fairly steady this season – Elmo is still Numero Uno with 1595, followed by MacJones on 1487, Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy on 1370, Fin  Jones has moved up with 1345 and then Mr Joe Figg with 1341. Callum Figg (1331), Luke Reeve (1300), Jamie Goldstein (1196), Harry Grant (1181) & Dangerous David Blackboro (1158) make up the Top 10!

Unsure who to transfer in? If it helps to follow popular opinion, Finn Jones now features in 77% of all teams, with Mackenzie in 67%. The usual suspects of Elmo and Jimmy also feature highly, along with Oliver Hull who has been selected for 59% of all teams.

I will do a more comprehensive update to cover the last two weekends, by which time we will know who is King Of The 22 Yards (can’t see that catching on as a tag line sadly)

Adiós, amigos 🙌

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