Fantasy League Review

The Prom hosted a winning weekend with the Fantasia and Raver Tots shows, but sadly Maldon CC had a definite “off” weekend – more Sorcerer’s Apprentice than Fantasia.

A tally of 3 losses, 2 abandonments and a cancellation capped a poor few results – but every team has a blip, undoubtedly this was ours!

Stand out performances were understandably few and far between, but Reece Bawden (48), Ben Gibbons (46), Jack Bowen (3/23) and Ross Walpole (3 catches and a stumping) did shine.  

Under the banner of total weekly points – from a player’s perspective, Angus Beames (90), Reece (73) and Ben (71) were top dogs.  From the team view, Gavin Hayes (448), Jody Brown (439) and Luke Reeve (412) all managed to keep their heads above water for longest.

As you might also imagine, such a low scoring week hasn’t had a massive effect on the league table.  Luke Reeve, Joe Figg & Richard Buckby still hold the money (with 12,750pts, 12,348pts and 11,112pts), although Buckers is a mere 35pts ahead of Jody Brown in 4th place.  Just over 900pts separate 5th and 10th places, which is easy to make up over the last few weeks.

Player Power!  Mackenzie Jones still edges ahead as top points scorer with 1345pts, a mere 5pts in front of Elmo on 1340pts.  Callum Figg continues his impressive season on 1306pts, ahead of Dad on 1080pts.  Luke Sanders (1119), Jimmy (1098), Luke Reeve (1097), David Blackboro (973), Matthew Shinn (947) and Finn Jones (910) make up the top 10 – all food for thought if you’re considering any changes to your team.

So going forwards, although the weather is potentially pants for the coming weekend, I’m sure we’ll be back to winning ways and mega points before long.

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