Fantasy League – Catch Up

I’ll start with apologies to anyone who has missed the weekly reviews, unfortunately work took hold and time was at a premium!

So looking back, the last review was for weeks 8 & 9 and we’ve just completed week 15 – so 6 weeks worth of thrills and spills to catch up on……

In that time, there have been rapid fire centuries for Jimmy Ainscough (117 from 96 balls, 8×4 and 4×6) and Matthew Shinn (100 from 87 balls, 13×4 and 2×6), along with big 50s from Mr Shinn (97 off 57 balls, 10×4 and 6×6), Cameron Blackboro (78), Ben Gibbons (76) and Max Bryant (70).

Then there have been big wickets from Bethan Bailey (5/13), Jack Plumb (5/36), Dave Rich (5/32) and Liam Saxton (5/33) with consistent support from many others along the way.

And on the team front, the 3rd & 4th XIs continue to challenge for the top spots and are well placed to go all the way in the second half of the season.

And after that brief summary, it’s on to the Important Stuff and the Fantasy League updates.

The breaking news here is that after many, many weeks out front, Joe Figg is no longer in first position!  Luke Reeve has been whittling away at the lead and has finally overhauled Joe, to lead by a fair margin – 12,452pts to 12,073pts.  Then, less than 400pts separates 3rd and 7th positions, all battling for the final podium position.  Who will blink first??

If you’re thinking of bolstering your team, the top points scorers so far are, from 1 to 10;

1) Elmo = 1296pts

2) Callum Figg = 1281pts

3) Mackenzie Jones = 1277pts

4) Joe Figg = 1168pts

5) Luke Sanders = 1116pts

6) Jimmy Ainscough = 1098pts

7) Luke Reeve = 1045pts

8) David Blackboro = 960pts

9) Matthew Shinn = 947pts

10) Dave Richardson = 883pts

And finally, milestones – there’s been a few reached already this season and the prospects for the future are looking very good.  The benchmark however has to be Ian “Elmo” Elliott’s phenomenal achievement in reaching 29,000 career runs for the Dons, a record 30 years in the making, and worth every single plaudit that is made.  Well done young man!!

The review will return to its weekly format now, so until next time!

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