Fantasy League Review – Weeks 8 & 9

Review courtesy of Paul Greenham.

Logistical problems meant there was no review for Week 8, but David Jones was King Of The Castle for the week with a whopping 1338pts – well done there sir!  Matt Coppen tops Week 9 with an impressive 1140pts.

On the pitch, Finlay Jones lead the way with superb figures of 6-3-5-5, which not only earned him a hatful of points, but a mention on the prestigious Play Cricket Weekly Honours Board, no mean feat.  On the batting front, there were 50s from Olly Hull (54*), Keith Sharp (54*) and Angus Beames (56*), whilst in the field it was Rosco Walpole with 3 catches, a stumping and a run out.

This past week has seen 2 wicket keeping centuries, from Jimmy with 121 and Joe Figg with an unbeaten 115 – great work gents!

Macca Jones scored another 50, as did Matt Shinn, and there were veteran’s contributions from Simon Reeve, Norman Case and Alan Sims.  Keith Sharp took 4/29 and scored 34*, and along with Luke Reeve’s 3/36 and 34*, won the match!  Elsewhere Al Johnson took 5/10, so Maldon CC have 3 candidates for the Honours Board this week!!

In the Fantasy League, well it’s a familiar story as Joe Figg is STILL leading with an impressive 6933pts.  However he should be looking over his shoulder, as his lead is being whittled down by Luke Reeve in 2nd with 6709pts and Richard Buckby in 3rd with 6510pts.  Elmo in 4th (6179ts) and Jody Brown in 5th (5987pts) show the gap between the money positions and the also rans.

For the week, Keith Sharp’s efforts earned him 207pts and Luke Reeve 204pts, with Figg Senior taking 195pts for the week.

Looking for some data on who to move into your team?  Well, top performers so far this season are Luke Reeve (827), Macca Jones (755), Jimmy Ainscough (739), Finlay Jones (729), Elmo (727), Joe Figg (718), Callum Figg (700), Keith Sharp (669), Luke Sanders (665) and James Ellis (559).

Although you may want to take into account that the values of Finn Jones and Luke Reeve have both increased by a whole £million each, Joe Figg by £0.9, and Elmo & Keith Sharp by £0.8.  As they say in the adverts “the values of players can go up as well as down” 🙂

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