Update – Masuri

The Committee are aware that some club members have experienced difficulty in receiving their kit from our new provider, NXT-Sports powered by Masuri.

The club has received the following update from the NXT-Sports Sales & Customer Service Team, which provides an insight in to some of the challenges that their industry is currently facing.

NXT-Sports Statement:

We are writing to bring to your attention some of the challenges being faced by the cricket industry this season and what we at NXT-Sports are doing to deliver your goods for you to enjoy this cricket season.

In February this year, just over 10 weeks ago, Cricket related businesses had the majority of their staff on furlough, and 2021 was filled with uncertainty for all that rely on cricket for their incomes, nobody had any idea what the summer had in store for us, how successful the vaccine program would be and how government management around social interaction would roll out.

What a difference the last 2 months has made, to the point that record participation is expected for recreational cricket, and there is even the prospect of full stadiums of spectators watching our beautiful game.

Whilst 12 months ago many cricket related businesses were wondering how they would survive 2020, those same businesses are now working around the clock to supply the surge in demand in 2021. Market leading Brands have run out of bats, protective equipment, footwear and clothing as demand has comfortably outstripped supply.

NXT-Sports are relatively well placed albeit we do have a backlog of orders that we are working through as quickly as possible. Our amazing clothing supply factory based in Asia has been heavily affected by Covid recently with many workers and their families directly affected by the virus. However they continue to find a way to get us stock in order to help cope with the huge surge in demand.

We want to assure you that your order is in hand and with further stock arriving daily we are catching up quickly and your orders will be fulfilled. We expect this catch up to be complete in the next 3 weeks, and we would be extremely grateful for your patience while we work through this.

NXT-Sports and all staff are extremely thankful for your orders given the Covid uncertainty in the UK only 10 weeks ago, our production floor is working 16 hours a day to service your orders as quickly as possible including weekends.

— ENDS —

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