Getting To Know: Matt Anderson

In a new series, the Clubs media team have fired the same thirteen questions at club members from all years, ages and teams as we get to know about their club records, their funniest moments, their favourite tea item & much more.

In todays episode we find out all about once overseas and now regular club man, Matt Anderson.


What year did you join MCC?

Best player you’ve played with?
Reece O’Connell / Chris Harris

Best player you’ve played against?
Murray Goodwin

Highest Maldon score?

Best Maldon figures?
6 for something…

What’s your favourite item at Tea?

Favourite ground you’ve played at?
Any green deck

Cricketing Hero?
Ricky Ponting

Favourite MCC memory?
Going undefeated in 2016 and and beating Hadleigh by 1 run in the first game of the 2019 season.

Funniest thing you’ve ever seen on a cricket field?
Reece O’Connell giving the angry teapot whenever someone misfields off his bowling or when he called the batsmen scrubbers for trying to block out the game to get more points

Prediction for 2021?
Hopefully we finish top of the ladder

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