Fantasy League – Week 2 Review

Review courtesy of Paul Greenham.

A bumper weekend saw a total of 5 games played, so potentially a lot of points on offer! An overall return of 2 wins and 3 defeats on the field, but some notable points tallies this week with 9 players breaking the 100pt barrier;

  • Lord David Boyden – 5/23 and a catch = 160pts
  • Keith Sharp – 3/36, a catch and 3n/o = 138pts
  • Matt Wild – 3/55 = 133pts
  • Peter Rose – 54 & 2 catches = 124pts
  • Daniel Baker – 3/5, a run out and 2 runs = 122pts
  • Mackenzie Jones – 70 runs = 120pts
  • Mason Foakes – 3/11 & 8 runs = 118pts
  • Jimmy Ainscough – 65 runs = 115pts
  • Angus Beames – 50n/o = 110pts

Well done to all and to everyone who played!

On the league table – a stunning week for the Hayes Collective, with Gavin & Alexandra amassing 778 & 707pts respectively. Overall, it’s still a 3 way battle for the top, with Jody Brown ahead on 1067pts, but only a point in front of Matt Coppen. Toby has snuck into 3rd place on 1000pts, although he will be deducted 500pts for his choice of team name.

With this coming weekend being a Bank Holiday, there’s (potentially) 9 games to score from. Don’t forget to use your free transfer each week if you need to bring in that all important, top point scoring player……and look out for the increase or decrease in player values based on each week’s performances!!

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