2021 Rule Changes – Two Counties

There have been a number of rule changes introduced by the Two Counties over the past two winters which will come into effect for the start of the 2021 season (some temporarily in response to Covid-19.) 

And for your benefit, here they are:

With the current Covid-19 regulations in place car sharing is not permitted until 17th May at the earliest, unless you are travelling to a game with someone in your support bubble.   

If an away team cannot get to a game while these restrictions are in place they must let the home team know by 8pm on the Thursday evening before the match.   If both teams agree then games in the period where the restrictions apply can be rearranged for later in the season. 

The league will be using the average points per game system.   This means if a game is cancelled or abandoned due to the weather or Covid-19 it does not affect our league performance.

The final table will be decided by total points in completed games divided by the number of completed games. This system was used by the league through the nineties and noughties. 

For promotion and relegation to occur cricket must be allowed to be played on 15 or more Saturdays during the season. 

Start Times
All first team league game will commence at noon throughout the season.   

No bowler is allowed to bowl more than 10 overs for the first team.  Legside wide rules will now apply, so all deliveries down the legside will be called wide. For the second and third teams the maximum number of overs for any bowler is 12 overs.  For the fourth team the maximum is 11 overs.

Article courtesy of Stuart Coker.

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