2021 Batting Preview

Club Statistician, Stuart Coker has put pen to paper ahead of the 2021 season as he previews the batting milestones that various club members could reach during the 2021 season.

The 2021 season will be an exciting one. The return of a full set of league fixtures will give players plenty of chances to score big runs. But what records could be broken?

Let’s take a look at what might happen in 2021…

Top Spot
It is unlikely that Elmo’s all-time record of 28,511 runs will ever be beaten. However, can he get the 489 runs he needs to get to 29,000? He’s made that many runs in a season 24 times before, so the odds would suggest he’s got a good chance.

The 10,000 run club
Who will be the 10th name to join this illustrious club? Currently next in the queue is DR, needing 483 runs to reach the landmark. The active players within 2,000 runs of this landmark are Paul Bardo (9,312), Stuart Coker (8,446), Andy Barnes (8,271) and James Ellis (8,041). Will one of those names beat Dave Rich to the punch?

Nearly There…
Several players need a modest return to reach a big milestone. In fact, some players might be able to get there on Day One of the season. Jake Collins (7,910), Steve Gozzett (6,991) and Lee Monk (2,973) need a good first day to get to their next round 1,000, while Monkey only needs 255 runs to make it into the top 50.

The top 50?
Currently Tony Marchi is the 50th highest run scorer in club history with 3,277 runs. Ben Gibbons and Matt Shinn both passed 2,000 runs this in 2020, and would need returns of more than 700 runs to reach 3,000.

Team and Individual Records?
As always the team and individual highest record are there to be beaten in 2021. The club has only passed 400 once, against Cressing in 2006- 410 to be precise. Could that be under threat at some stage this summer? Individually, the highest player score remains Keith Merrell’s 238 against Long Melford in August 1992. Since 2000, there has only been one double century- Steven Rudd’s 231* against Ipswich in East Suffolk in 2003. Surely we are due another one soon…

Preview with thanks to Stuart Coker.

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