A Word With: Bethan Bailey

Following her appointment as Ladies Coordinator and Ladies Sunday XI Captain, we have caught up with Bethan to discuss her new role, her plans for the Men’s and Women’s teams and much more!

  1. Bethan, you have been appointed as Ladies Coordinator for 2021. What does your new role entail? 
    This role is the link between the Ladies Team and the overall club. I see it as a way to integrate the two more as there has not necessarily been the most connection between them in the past. Alongside this, the role deals with communication with other teams and the leagues, organising the games, availabilities, and to some the most important, the cricket teas.
  2. You featured heavily for the club in 2020. What are you looking forward to the most in 2021?
    I am looking forward to progressing my personal skill within the game for both the Men’s and Women’s teams. This, I hope, will enable more of our ladies to play for the other teams within the club and for the ability and skills of both teams to increase as a result.
  3. What do you think the biggest challenge will be to the ladies teams this year? Our main challenge in previous years has been availability for games and training. I think that this will continue to be the case as we bring more people to the team. In the past we have called off games because of lack of numbers but I think that organising with the opposition to play as friendly matches instead of league matches will bring more availability as there are guaranteed games.
  4. You’re also going to captain the Ladies Sunday team. What are your plans for the team?The Sunday team is our league where it is there for development of players and teams. As this is the case, I am using this as an opportunity for a rotating captainship. I will be the consistent person for advice but plan to have each player captain at least one game within the season. This may highlight to the club, someone who can take on the role in the next few year as a fixed position. Outside of that I hope we can get more of our Ladies wanting to take part in all aspects of the game rather than focusing on bowling, batting or fielding.
  5. On a personal level, what are your targets for the season ahead?
    Personally I want to continue to improve in the season ahead. Picking up spin bowling a year or two ago instead of pace has brought a lot of new information and variations to learn. Last year I added the leg break to my rota and I hope this year to perfect the top spin ball. Other than that I want to try to get less ducks in my batting innings!

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