Getting To Know: Toby Pugh

In a new series, the Clubs media team have fired the same thirteen questions at club members from all years, ages and teams as we get to know about their club records, their funniest moments, their favourite tea item & much more.

In today’s feature, we welcome First Team Captain, Toby Pugh.

Nickname: Badger

What year did you join MCC? 1990, thanks to Steven Gozzett. Brownie was our coach!

Best player you’ve played with? Not difficult, Sir Alastair Cook

Best player you’ve played against? Stuart Williams – played 26 tests for the West Indies – he toyed with me.

Highest Maldon score? 76 at the Prom for a Rick Cooper 3rd XI.

Best Maldon figures? 7 for 67

What’s your favourite item at Tea? Baguette

Favourite ground you’ve played at? Mars den in the Huddersfield Cricket League. Mountain one side, a valley on the other. Beautiful.

Cricketing Hero? Phil Tufnell – had the ball on a string.

Favourite MCC memory? Winning the league at Braintree in 2000.

Funniest thing you’ve ever seen on a cricket field? Martin White putting sawdust down his whites after an unfortunate accident.

Prediction for 2021? Saxton losing at golf to a Maldon cricketer again.

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