A Word With: Jas Baines

After leading the 4th XI last season, this year Jas has been appointed Captain of the 2021 Sunday XI and we have caught up with him on last season, his plans for the season and his personal targets.

1. Jas, you had a taste of captaincy last season, as you took charge of a number of games throughout the season. How did you find the experience?
Firstly, it was a honour & a privilege to be asked to be captain last year. I was probably a little unsure how to approach captaincy at the beginning but I learnt ‘On the Job’ and the likes of Paul, Steve, DR & Mikle were always on hand for advice and support. The basic philosophy was to have a team of 11(we would often lose players to the 3’s), balance the bowlers, get the batting order right and and make appropriate changes during the game with the eventual aim of winning. On balance we won more games than we lost so overall a good and enjoyable experience all round. A year older now so hopefully, I can take the learns and experience from last year and have a great season with the Sunday Team in 2021.

2. For 2021, the Sunday team is returning and you are now in charge. What are you look forward to the most?
I am looking forward to get back in to training, seeing the lads again, having some fun, building on the successes, watching the youngsters develop & generally playing the game which we all love. There was an incredibly funny moment last year when our opening bat was caught 1st ball by a bloke eating a sandwich at square leg and conversely there were many pleasing and enjoyable moments like Richard Buckby scoring a century against Witham 3’s, Joe Gregory taking 6 wickets in the same game, Dangerous Dave taking 22 many wickets last year, Luke Sanders coming back to full fitness taking 13 wickets, Cameron getting better and better and scoring 278 runs, Bethan’s spin bowling coming on leap and bounds, Alex Strong’s exceptional fielding at Cover Point & so many others I could mention.

3. What are you expecting the biggest challenge to be in 2021?
We have a lot of games planned for the club so the biggest challenge may well be availability for Sundays as we come out of the pandemic with people seeing family and loved ones, weddings, gatherings and holidays over the weekends.

4. For you personally, what targets are you setting yourself for the year ahead?
My personal target for the coming season is to take a further 17 wickets which would take me to the 100 wicket milestone & to score at least 100 runs for the team throughout the season. 

5. Last year, we held a number of Sunday friendly matches which saw members of all ages turn out for the club. Is that the plan for this year too?
Stato, has been busy with organising Sunday games and luckily we have about 12 matches scheduled with the 1st one being away to Brentwood on the 24th April. The plan for the Sunday Team is to use players who are not available for Saturday, adults not selected for Saturday, non-regular playing members and colts so potentially we could have members across all the age groups playing in games. The overall aim is for members to enjoy their cricket, feel part of a team environment, play the best cricket they can and go home feeling good after a win.

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