A Word With: Liam Saxton

Following his continuation as 2nd Team Captain, we have caught up with Liam Saxton about his targets for the season ahead, what he is looking forward to and what changes his team may face this year compared to previous seasons…

  1. Saxo, you’re continuing as 2nd team Skipper this season. What are your targets for this season?
    Straight back at it really. We wanted promotion two years ago and our mindset hasn’t changed, we’ve had some great new additions to the club and with the youngsters coming through we hope they’ve had time to bed into what we are trying to do and have a real push to get ourselves to the top of the table this season.
  2. What are you most looking forward to this year?
    Getting back amongst the boys. Been so long in isolation and lockdown now that it will be great to get everyone back together and get to spend some time as a group. It’s been a shame to miss out on pre-season but will be good to get going when we can and see everyone getting back to it.
  3. What do you think the biggest challenge will be for the team this year?
    Missing pre season is a big shame and will take a big effort to ensure we get up to the high standards we want to achieve from the get go. But its something we will work together to strive to achieve and I’m sure everyone is working hard to ensure their in the best shape to do so.
  4. Over the last few seasons, lots of players have stepped up and had an experience of playing in the First team. Is that something you see continuing this season?
    Absolutely. We’ve got a lot of talented players coming through and a group of players in the 2’s now who have performed at that level. Hopefully they can continue to perform well and push the first team boys for places. It’s great to have competition for places and will only help both sides continue to improve in the future.
  5. Is there anything you’ll be doing differently this season compared to previous seasons?
    There will obviously be changes again due to covid and we will need to adapt but other than that there is no reason to change from our core principles. We’ve got a good leadership team this year with Gibbo and Rosey helping me out as vice captains and we’ll continue to demand our high standards and commitment from everyone. We’re looking forward to it.
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