A Word With: Joe Figg

Following his appointment as Vice Chairman, 4th Team Captain and the continuation as the clubs Welfare Officer, we have caught up with Joe Figg about all things MCC and heard his views on all things 2021.

  1. You’ve been appointed captain of the 4th after taking control of a few games last season. What are you most looking forward to?
    During 2021 I am looking forward to providing as much open age cricket as possible to our colt age groups, with consistency in selection to support their development. I am also looking forward to the laughs and banter that takes place on a Saturday afternoon. With the COVID-19 pandemic, and the mental health issues around the third lockdown, I think we all need a good summer of fun but competitive cricket.

  2. We brought through lots of youngsters last season – will that be the plan this year?
    Last year many colts experienced open age cricket for the first time and performed really well. The aim this year is to provide these players with consistent team selection, consistency in their role within the team and to further develop their cricketing talents so that they can aspire to play for the first team in the future.

  3. How important do you think it is for our young Colts to experience mens Cricket?
    I think that it is hugely important for colts to experience open age cricket and to develop their game. For some this comes naturally and for others it can take time. Being captain of the fourth team in 2021, I want to follow on the great work that Paul Gregory did. In his time as captain so many colts came through and now regularly play for the Maldon sides. They play because they enjoyed their first taste of open age cricket and the fourth team must aspire to win games but do so that all players enjoy their cricket.

  4. Are there any names you think our members should be looking out for this year?
    Thanks to the great work of the colt sections, and in particular Simon Hull, we have a number of talented colts who are now able to play open age cricket. Their main strengths are bowling and as a club we have a number of really effective young bowlers who can bowl quickly and with accuracy. I kept wicket to many of them last season and my hands still sting when I caught, and/or dropped, their deliveries.

  5. What do you think the biggest challenge will be this year?
    My biggest challenge in 2021 will be to please everyone. We have a growing number of players who can play for our 5 weekend teams. It will be so important that everyone is aware of this as we start to select our teams in April/May (hopefully). Secondly, another challenge will be consistency in selection for our U18 players.
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